Chef John Gonzalez's deep appreciation for Latin cuisine was developed at a young age growing up in Spanish Harlem, New York City, where he was exposed to a variety of foods that would fuel his lifelong passion for cooking. He began his culinary career at an early age. He has always been a fan of pleasing people with food, so he always had an idea that his passion would end up being his career. In 2009, he decided to veer away from his normal life and officially started his studies in the Culinary Arts.  In 2012 he acquired his degree of Applied Science in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Houston. He graduated top of his class with honors. His style can be best described as a fusion between classic Puerto Rican and Brazilian cuisine with international influences from Spain and Africa.

After 3 years under the tutelage of Chef Francis Jacquinet, Chef John spent years working in the various kitchens and perfecting his culinary techniques. He decided to open his own catering company, Fuego Latin Catering, and plans are underway to open his first restaurant early next year.

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